Emergency Evacuation Drill & Return Home Practice

Recently we had the evacuation drill and return home practice for an earthquake emergency.

After the emergency announcement students got under their desks in the homerooms for safety.

1 Students under desk.jpg

After teachers checked the school, students could start going out of the building to the yard.

2 teachers checking.jpg 3 students down stairs.jpg

4 white badge exit.jpg 5 students outside.jpg

Outside, the vice principal took attendance and the principal spoke to the students.

6 all students in yard.jpg 7 VP checking attendance.jpg

8 students moving around.jpg 9 students in return rooms.jpg 

Each group waited patiently. Students with brothers or sisters in the elementary school waited for their parents by the pond.

10 students waiting for siblings.jpg

Then students waited for their return home number to be announced to start their journey.

The operation went smoothly and the students followed instructions well.

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