Elementary, Junior High and High School Joint Evacuation Drill

5 minutes.

Today was the joint practice fire drill between the elementary, junior high, and senior high schools. The fire was located in the cooking room on the 3rd floor.

It was announced over the PA system and students began evacuating immediately.

IMG20231020124725.jpg IMG20231020124733.jpg

In the teacher's room, teachers began the evacuation process, checking the school, getting the safety equipment and so on.

Students evacuated the school very quickly and went to the school yard.

IMG20231020124845.jpg IMG20231020124956.jpg

It took 5 minutes for all the students to be in the yard. There, attendance was taken. Then the principle of the junior and senior high school spoke to all the students.

IMG20231020125042.jpg IMG20231020125249.jpg

After the students returned to their rooms. It was a successful and extremely quick practice evacuation. The students watched a safety video in the lunch break before starting the drill.

From now, we will work on areas for improvement.

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