Emergency Earthquake Evacuation Training - Return Home

This week we carried out the emergency evacuation training in the event of a large earthquake where students need to return home.

At first, the earthquake was announced and the students took shelter under their desks in the classroom. Teachers opened doors and windows to allow for easy exit.

PXL_20240523_042100513.jpg PXL_20240523_042126898.jpgのサムネイル画像

In the office, the vice principle was busy telling teachers the areas to check.

Teachers put on helmets. Student information was placed into bags. And transceivers were handed out for easy communication.

Teachers went to the different levels and checked for absent students and any injured people.


Then when it was decided it was safe, the students went to evacuation site #1. Students made their way down the stairs and hallways with books over their heads for protection. Students waited and let other grades go through to make a smooth exit.


They exited the building and lined up in the yard. Waiting for further instructions.


After a brief message from the principle of the junior and senior high school, students were allowed to return to their homerooms and gather their items. Some teachers set up a tent for the parents of students with elementary school children.


Then it was announced for them to move to evactuation site #2. Students got into groups that go home in the same direction in various places around the school. Again, names were checked and students waited. While waiting they watched a video about earthquake procedures.


From there, student were allowed to leave the school. Students with brother and sisters in the elementary school waited for their parents at the emergency tent.


In 3 rounds, different return home number groups were able to leave the school. They went to Tsurumi station and nearby bus stops. When the bus stops had cleared, round 2 were sent home, then round 3.

Now it is time to reflect and do what we can to make it a smoother process. The number one importance is the safety of the students and returning them home as quickly, and as safely, as possible.

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